More Illustrations by Martin Holt for Sarit Perkol's column
"Fishnet Stockings"

Ma'ariv Israel's daily newspaper

Happy Purim!
Israel's version of carnival.

Scientists have invented a "love machine".

Could it be better than the real thing ? "

"Men seldom make passes at gals who wear glasses"

The "Mile High Club"
More satisfying than most airline meals

Happy Passover
Freedom from slavery - unless you are into that sort of thing.

Nigerian Scams and Pyramid games

Pyramid scams involving thousands of innocent but naive investors have been cleaned out by get-rich-quick scams mainly originating in Africa.

On the internet, Cyrano is a hunk

"They're not up there anymore, Harold!"

Gravity gets us all in the end.

Sleep-sex may become a real nightmare

Medium is the message
Not too little...Not too much...But just right.


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