More illustrations by Martin Holt for Sarit Perkol's "Garbei Reshet" column

Sex Museum
Just opened in New-York

Americans need some tutoring in the art of loving

Cold and Sexy

Popsicles can be really hot


Fake nips have become all the rage

His and Hairs

In some Romanian villages, women with moustaches are considered to be the most attractive.

Magic Banana

Enjoy it but don't eat it
Astimulating experience for the discerning woman with a taste for "fruit".
go to to find out.

Speedy Gonzales

Researchers have discovered that"Quickies" can be highly satisfying....if you happen to be a man.

Easy Riders

1000 ccs. of thrust... motorbikes have proved to be irresistable to both sexes

Rampant Rabbit

Thousands of Rabbit shaped vibrators had to be recalled by the manufacturer when they proved to be a potential danger to users.

(Shoe) Size doesn't matter

New research has shown no correlation between a man's shoe size and his hidden parts

Made to be Maid

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