Sarit Perkol writes the colum "Fishnet Stockings"
Martin Holt does the illustrations

The cartoonist Martin Holt looks at a normal situation then twists it in such a way that it becomes absurd - and very funny.
Martin was born in London, where he trained as an architect. Later he moved to Israel where he now lives with his family. He spent some time in Paris and has, in his time, done many things including teaching at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. He has also been a part-time ambulance driver and went through the restaurant trade from washer-up to chef-de-cuisine. He played in a traditional jazz band and sang the blues. At one stage he even managed a riding school. He taught himself graphics and illustration- for a time he freelanced for IBM.

Martin also became involved in spiritual matters and is now a Master in both Shiatsu and Reiki.
As he became more involved in art he eventually decided to give up architecture and become a professional cartoonist. In 1987 he opened his own gallery Shadma in Tel-Aviv.The intifada effectively closed him down and he now works from his studio at home in Tel-Aviv and through his website

Martin Holt's work is well known internationally. He is represented in Europe and the USA, and has exhibited in Paris, Brussels, New-York, Toronto, London and Florida as well as at many international festivals.

Martin Holt also accepts commissions for original art-work.
He has produced original art-work for international companies including brochures, calendars, publicity, e-cards and advertising.

Contact Information

Phone: 972-3-685 0140, Fax: 972-3-685 0145

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